As soon as my back was turned they made a break for freedom.  I knew it was imminent. Their cries had become more urgent and there was a lot of pushing and shoving at the escape route.  The next time I looked the escapees were randomly scattered around the garden.  The parent task was about to get harder.

For several weeks blue tit chicks lived in the safe haven of a nest box. Now on the loose they were in great danger, exposed to predators – magpies, jackdaws, crows, gulls – all on a mission to feed their youngsters; and prowling cats.

The parents knew exactly where each chick had taken refuge.  In turn they frantically delivered squishy morsels to ever-gaping beaks.  It was exhausting watching.  My heart was in my mouth willing them all to survive.

They’ve fledged.  The chicks are independent, parents can enjoy a well-earned break, and I can breathe!

Which one will come back next year to raise its young in the nest box where it grew up?





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