Ribble Wasteland Walk


River Ribble wasteland

I’m in a scene from a Mad Max movie. A gang of motorbike delinquents rumble across a desolate wasteland of post-apocalyptic debris.  There’s enough wood to build a log cabin.


River Ribble artwork

And then back to reality I’m on part of the Lancashire Coastal Way near Freckleton.

Even though it’s not one of prettiest, I like this short walk. It’s easy, fascinating and, as with all walks, you never know what might turn up.

The footpath starts just off Naze Lane in Freckleton, one of the oldest villages on the Fylde, and runs parallel with Freckleton Pool, a creek that drains into the River Ribble. Peeking through the treeline there are glimpses of Freckleton’s boat building and agricultural livelihood.

Oystercatchers, curlews and gulls make themselves known. Hedgerow birds play hide and seek. So frustrating when all I see through my binoculars are leaves! The path opens up, crosses a field and leads to a fabulous viewpoint where the River Ribble and River Douglas meet. This is the most perfect spot for a picnic, bird, and boat watching.


Winter Hill masts

Shellducks squabble at the river’s edge; a heron flies down river. I’ve seen a kingfisher here before – but not today.

BOOM! A Typhoon lifts off from Warton Aerodrome interrupting the stillness and peace of the riverside.  What a spectacle. What a sound.

Natural beauty contrasting with state of the art technology. That’s why I love this walk.



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