Blackpool’s pleasures


An intake of cool air, exhalation of whispy breath, steel blades connecting with ice … … and you were either flat on your bum or gliding along with the crowd!

Memories of Blackpool Ice Rink.  Speed skating, disco and ice dance sessions. Tired little bodies plodding through the Pleasure Beach on their way home, ice boots laced together slung over a shoulder, sharing a bag of freshly popped buttery popcorn.

Childhood reminiscences were awakened by a visit to the Blackpool Arena, as it’s now called, to see the Hot Ice Show 2016, Obsession.  The show is spectacular – atmospheric lighting, stirring music, exotic costumes. Over thirty professional young ice dancers enjoy every moment of their performance. Showing off their balletic, athletic and technical expertise, they twizzle, turn, lift, and flip. Gliding seamlessly from one movement to another the cast performed with poise and grace. It was a compelling show.

Tickets for the Ice Show include access to the Pleasure Beach. Back in the day the Pleasure Beach had an open door. Free to roam; pay for your rides. Nowadays you have to pay just to walk around. A pity.

What a joy taking pleasure in watching others have pleasure
on Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The original rides are still there – The Derby, Wild Mouse, Big Dipper, Grand National, Ghost Train, and oldest on the Pleasure Beach, The Flying Machines. Many have gone – Fun House, Monster, Monorail, Reel, Log Flume.  Super scary rides have taken their place.  Oh, and remember Lucy the Llama? Led by her uniformed keeper, she used to pull a little wooden cart full of kiddies around the children’s arena.

I’m going again before the end of the run, not only to see the amazing ice show, but also to see what other childhood recollections come to light on another stroll through Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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