Big Butterfly Count on the Lancashire Coastal Path


Knott End to Pilling is part of the Lancashire Coastal Path.  It’s an easy, flat walk and there’s no chance of getting lost en route. The River Lune is on your left going towards Pilling and on your right on the way back. Works for me!


High tide and Lakeland mountains

The view of the Lake District in the distance is magical, so too Parlick and Wolf Fell in the Forest of Bowland.

Butterflies galore flitted and fluttered amongst the colourful wild flowers, whispy grasses, and fluffy seed heads that edged the footpath. This was the day to do the Big Butterfly Count.

I don’t really know a Painted Lady from a Tortoiseshell. The Large White, Small White and Green-Veined White are difficult to identify. They’re all white. The Common Blue and Holly Blue are, well … blue.  But the Big Butterfly Count Identification Chart is there to help – sort of. If only the little blighters would stay still for just one second, and leave their wings spread out rather than closed.  I don’t ever remember seeing so many butterflies in one day.

I crept up on a Peacock and a Holly Blue popped into shot!


Peacock and Holly Blue

After a refreshing pint at the Golden Ball in Pilling, butterfly counting became compulsive on the return leg. I’m determined to learn to identify these fragile flutterers.

I’ve submitted my results and am hooked on counting for the rest of the month.

The Big Butterfly Count closes at the end of August.


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