How far would you walk for a bag of fish & chips?


Another fine October day for a walk far out to meet the sea.  We follow the receding tide, leave St Annes Pier and the sandunes behind and join the promenade at Starr Gate.


Not far to go now

We’re ravenous.

Harrowside Chippy has a bit of a reputation round these parts. Is it open at lunch time?

Up and over Harrowside Bridge a man hurries past clutching a white plastic carrier bag with a big blue fish on it. An unmistakeable aroma wafts in the air.

Yum! Sitting on a bench at the seaside tucking into freshly fried cod and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar. These are truly exceptional fish and chips.

Replete, the return journey is a bit of a plod.  But F&C companion manages to burn off a few calories.


Look out Blackpool!

Later I ask a friend how far he’d walk to get fish and chips.
“I wouldn’t walk, ever! I’d drive.”

We walked a good 3-plus miles to relish freshly cooked fish and chips. Not only did we earn our just rewards we also had a fabulous walk that offered so much.


Mechanical swan lake

Harrowside Chippy is now a designated trekking destination with a fish and chip mission on the cards.



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