Settled in Settle


Out and about exploring the Yorkshire Dales, Settle isn’t far from Blackpool.

The River Ribble starts its journey near the Ribblehead viaduct, flows westward through Clitheroe and Preston and empties into the Irish Sea at Lytham, just down the coast from Blackpool.  There’s the link.

A dull December day, but that’s no deterrent for a walk from Settle to Stainforth along the banks of River Ribble.  According to an information board at Stainforth Foss, salmon, otters, crayfish, kingfishers, and dippers frequent this area.

Didn’t see a salmon, otter, crayfish or kingfisher.

Did see a dipper, though, singing his heart out.



The big smile of the day was the Stackhouse Weather Forecasting Stone.  They’ve got a sense of humour in Yorkshire!


Stackhouse weather forecasting stone


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