Edinburgh’s natural beauty


With so much on offer it’s almost impossible to decide what to see and do on a first visit to Edinburgh. Natural beauty on the doorstep won the day.


Cramond Island and causeway

Day 1 – a 6 mile walk to Musselburgh along the John Muir Way. Sadly, not the prettiest part of the trail winding through housing estates strewn with litter. John Muir would not be a happy man. Musselburgh, with its pretty harbour, shone in the sun. A solitary Little Auk teased, ducking and diving below the waves. No chance of a snapshot! Bus back to town, hunkered down in The Inn on the Mile, happy to rest weary legs and watch snowflakes flutter outside.


Day 2 – bus to Cramond.  Cramond Island, sitting in the Firth of Forth, accessed by a causeway at low tide. Didn’t make it as the tide was on the turn, rushing in at a rate of knots.  Wild and windy, perfect conditions for kite-boarders, dog-walkers and those not fazed by the weather.  Off the beaten track back in Edinburgh, the Devil’s Advocate beckoned.  A quirky pub set in a Victorian pump house.  Perfect!


Day 3 – Arthur’s Seat. In the heart of Edinburgh the famous dormant volcano in Holyrood Park rises just over 800 feet. A spectacular panorama is the reward for the hike to the top. Back in town a mooch along the Royal Mile, a beer or two in the Greyfriars Inn and an entertaining hour watching weird goings-on outside. Poor Greyfriar’s Bobby!  His little nose has to be replaced on a regular basis because of all the tourist touches!


Arthur’s Seat


View on way down

The castle dominates a city rich in history. Museums, galleries, theatres, and grand buildings rise from cobbled streets. Narrow ginnels hide secret places. Plenty to explore another time.


Edinburgh old and new


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