Lowther Pavilion – Lytham


Lowther Pavilion is perfectly situated in the glorious Lowther Gardens. There’s all sorts on offer for all ages at the theatre, in the gardens, and a popular café serving scrumptious goodies.  Cross the road and you’re on the promenade looking at Southport on the opposite side of the Ribble estuary.


Southport across the Ribble Estuary

Lowther Pavilion’s varied programme includes drama, comedy, musicals – something for everyone.  Voodoo Room was a great gig on 3 Feb.

Not a tribute band but three accomplished musicians playing their heroes’ music; Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream.

Pete Orr (guitar/vocals), John Tonks (drums/vocals) and Andy Tolman (bass/vocals) have an impressive back catalogue as individuals.  Put them together and you’ve got Voodoo Room, a trio showing a genuine, authentic appreciation of music from back in the day.  No posturing and not a prima donna in sight.  Just three genial guys enjoying a banter between themselves and with the audience.

Familiar tracks from Hendrix and Cream albums went down a storm. Cream’s Disraeli Gears, released in 1967, is fifty years old.  A large proportion of the audience very likely bought it first time round!

Each bandmate had a solo slot to showcase their expertise, ably rewarded by whoops and whistles from the crowd.  They did a two hour stint with just a fifteen minute interlude.

“There’s so much material we could do a four-hour set – but you’d need to phone the ambulance!” joked John the drummer.

Voodoo Room enjoyed every note they played.  So did everyone in the room.





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