Corrie on location in St Annes


Nice enough for a picnic on the beach today. What’s going on? Camera crew, catering unit, caravans in the car park by the Beach Café. Better investigate.

Oh!  There’s Peter and Simon playing football on the beach.  This is acting!

St Annes Beach

Take 1 – Playing football

The cast and crew move to the promenade, and do a few dry runs – wrapped up for warmth in their ITV issue down jackets.  A small crowd gathers to watch the action.  (Not that there’s much of it!)

Corrie cast

Dry run on St Annes promenade


Corrie cast St Annes

Another wait. Another take

Down jackets removed, Leanne, Nick, Steve, Toyah, and Simon go through several takes until the Director is finally happy.

Corrie cast

Corrie cast – St Annes

Corrie cast

Peter Barlow and Steve McDonald

Corrie cast

It’s a wrap


Corrie cast

Poor luvvies have to queue for a cuppa

Not watched Corrie for ages, but all the old suspects are evidently still going strong.

It was nice seeing them enjoying a day trip to St Annes.

This episode is scheduled for the end of May.  Must remember to check the telly.




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