Blackpool Opera House


Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, One Direction, Peter Kay, Cats, Grease, Joseph – just a few of the notable performers and touring companies that have performed in Blackpool at the Opera House.

Blackpool Opera House

Every seat taken for Joe Bonamassa

A 3000-seater, the Opera House is one of the largest theatres in the UK with one of the largest stages. There are three tiers: Stalls, Circle, and Balcony. There’s not a bad seat in the Opera House.

From the Balcony, high up in the clouds, the view of Joe Bonamassa and his band on Saturday night was unbelievable. The acoustics, for such an old place, are amazing. The seating, for such an old place, is spot on. And the old place looks like going on for years to come.

The soulful, bluesy voices of singers Jade MacRae and Mahalia Barnes, exceptional musicianship of Anton Fig (drums), Michael Rhodes (bass), Reese Wynans (keyboards), Lee Thornburg (trumpet), Paulie Cerra (saxophone), together with Joe Bonamassa and his many guitars, made this 2 hour set exceptional in every way.

2999 others thought so too!

Joe Bonamassa official video for Mountain Climbing.


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