Hedeghog alert – St Annes


Little silver hedgehog  recently posted great excitement at seeing hedgehog poo! I too have seen evidence in my front garden; the first time in 3 years living in St Annes.

Hedgehogs need a thoroughfare for their night-time foraging. All the gardens are enclosed where I live, so unless neighbours agree to take out another brick in the wall, hedgies are well and truly stumped.

A few weeks back we cut out a hole in the garden gate, created two hedgehog nesting sites, and waited. Last night I was fidgety about next door’s security lights forever going on and off.  As the neighbours were away, I went to investigate, and almost trod on a huge beast of a hedgehog outside the back door. S/He curled up and played dead until I went away. Then s/he went about the usual hedgehog business. Since creating the hole in the gate we suspected hedgehog activity, and now it’s confirmed. Can’t tell you how exciting this is! I’ll lie in wait every evening to attempt a pic for evidence.

Until then, hedgie pics from when we lived in Leicester, where hogs (and foxes) were regular visitors to the garden. We offered our garden as a release site for recuperating hogs. They just bunked off into the wild, never to return. There’s gratitude for you! Since being in St Annes we’ve missed visitations from prickly friends, but so happy that this could be the turning point.


Leicester Hedgehog

Wholemeal bread – yum!


Leicester Hedgehog

Thirsty work!


Leicester Hedgehog

I don’t mind sharing!


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