North Pier Blackpool


Even though Blackpool’s North Pier is in a sorry state, there’s no getting away from its beauty. The pier’s rickety promenade deck, wooden benches decorated with algae and lichen, ornamental cast iron arms and backs pitted with rust, paint a different picture.

North Pier

Promenade deck

North Pier

Lichen and algae

North Pier

Ornamental cast iron bench back

The construction of North Pier started in May 1862 and was officially opened on 21 May 1863. It was the second of fourteen piers designed by Eugenius Birch and is the oldest of what’s still standing and in use today.  Back then, the cost of building this fabulous structure came to just under £12,000.  North Pier was designed as a leisurely promenade for the use of the genteel, well-to-do; Central and South Piers with their amusements, pleasure rides and outdoor dancing were good enough for lesser mortals!

It’s currently undergoing a time-consuming, costly restoration project.  It will be worth it to see this fine Victorian pier renovated to its former glory, reflecting Blackpool in its prime.




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