Rattus norvegicus


Admiring the ducks and their ducklings I saw what I thought was unmentionable floating in the ornamental lake at St Annes.  Yuk!  But hang on, it was moving pretty swiftly for a number two.

Brown rat

Taking a swim

It’s the first brown rat I’ve seen taking a leisurely daytime swim.  He dived underwater, popped up, clambered onto the rocks, kindly posed for a pic, then off he swam!

Brown rat

Taking a breather


Brown rat

Back for another swim

These little guys get a lot of bad press, reviled for their association with disease.  In reality, they do their bit for mankind thriving on refuse and discarded food.  Living off the wastefulness of modern society.

Happy to have seen a Rattus norvegicus, couldn’t help but sing “Hanging Around” on the way home.  Now where is that Strangler’s album?





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