Common Terns – Preston Marina


They’re back!  About 130 pairs of common terns busy nesting on the floating pontoons at Preston Dock. What a racket as they jostle and squabble for a place in one of the purpose built next boxes, courtesy of Fylde Bird Club, Preston City Council and RSPB.  The nest boxes provide shelter for adults as they incubate their eggs and, once hatched, the chicks are contained and protected from marauding gulls on the look-out for a tasty snack.

Preston marina

Having a stretch

Preston marina

Rearranging nesting material

Preston marina

A silvery catch

Preston marina

Three eggs

It’s a wonderful sight and sound.  I’ll be back next week to see the hatchlings before they grow up.  They’ll take off in August, to return next April.

Two pairs bred in 2009.  Over 130 pairs in 2017.  That’s an amazing success story.

There are other inhabitants sharing Preston marina with the terns.

Preston marina





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