One man went to mow …


… went to mow the meadow


Man at work

A quintessential summer’s day. Birdsong. Buzzards. Butterflies. A startled hare, disturbed by the thrum of the tractor, dashed across the field. That wonderful smell of freshly mown hay.

The farmer didn’t waste any time collecting the results of his labour.


Hay collected

Another meadow full of wild flowers ready for mowing.  A farmer’s work is never done.


Farmer’s next field for mowing



Speckled Wood


Large Skipper

Freckleton to the Naze is the start (or end) of the Lancashire Coastal Way.  It follows the creek leading to the River Ribble where the River Douglas joins.  A lovely spot for a picnic.

On the way back The Ship at Freckleton is perfect for a rewarding beer (and lunch if you’ve not already eaten a picnic) sitting in the garden overlooking the Lancashire plains with Winter Hill in the distance.  Note to self: picnic not required next time.



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