Lytham Club Day – fun of the fair


The lure of the fairground
Distorted music
Whirring, spinning,
death defying machinery
Ride attendants
urging everyone
to pay up and get on board
for a stomach churning experience




Blood curdling screams

Happy families
with squealing,
bouncing kiddies,
little faces wrapped in candyfloss,
tongues chasing runny ice cream
as it dribbles down
its once crunchy cornet

Mmmm … the smells
Hot dogs and sizzling onions oozing tomato ketchup;
salt and vinegar chips;
sugary donuts for dunking
in gloopy chocolate sauce
Food of the gods? For some!

If you’re lucky
you might win a goldfish
or a cuddly toy
– at a price


Hook a duck to win Henry


Hello Spongebob!

Lytham Club Day Fun Fair,
back for another year


Keep out or kept in?





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