Spider Season


“Will you walk into my parlour?”
said a spider to a fly:
“’Tis the prettiest little parlour
that ever you did spy.”

The Spider and the Fly 1834 – Mary Howitt – 1799-1888

A sunny September day, perfect for pottering in the garden: deadheading flowers, tidying borders, picking the last crop of ripened tomatoes – and being ambushed every step of the way by spiders.  Beautiful arachnids in all shapes, sizes and colours.

A wispy web, with owner occupier in the middle of its pretty little parlour, waiting for lunch.

Spider Season


An abseiling spider repaired its damaged web; a high flying bungee jumper, bouncing between web-zones, hung around hoping for an airborne catch.

Spider Season


Spider Season

High Flyer

Bees buzzed, frantically collecting pollen from the last few remaining flowers.

Spider Season


The construction of a hedgehog den became an all encompassing project.

Spider Season

Hedgehog Den

I’ll be watching and hoping a prickly friend will take up residence and hibernate in safety.


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