Mrs Johnson’s Emporium – Progress Report

Mrs J's

Well organised

About that “easy ” scarf ….

After Week 1, I practised, and practised.  Sat up in bed til 0200hrs, working rows, taking out rows, ending up with less than I started.  Now feeling stressed and inadequate.

Week 2 at Mrs J’s
“Hmm.  You’ve gone a bit wonky there.”   Without ado, Patricia unravels my painstaking efforts – all 2 inches of it – back to the foundation chain.   Got that bit right!  More practising required.

The knit and knatterers
can knit and natter at the same time.
I can’t do either!

Mrs Johonson's

Knitting = 2 needles

Week 3 at Mrs J’s
“Hmm.  Not sure what’s going on here,” says Patricia.  Oh no!  I watch more unravelling.  Patricia takes home my disastrous attempts for further attention.

Week 4 at Mrs J’s
Patricia presents me with the beginnings of a beautiful scarf.  I love Patricia!

Week 5
Looking forward to meeting up this week to show off my progress.  Or will it all be unravelled?

Mrs J's

A haven of wool and works of art



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