Mrs Johnson’s Emporium – Haberdasher Extraordinaire



a dealer in small articles
used in sewing,
eg thread, ribbons and buttons

Mrs Johnson’s Emporium has more thread, ribbons, buttons, wool, yarns, material, patterns, needles, hooks, and stuff, than you can shake a stick at.

Week 5: I join the Knit & Knatter Group to plod on with my project.  It’s taking shape, but I start to get fidgety if concentration is required for any length of time.  A diversion of some sort is necessary.

Snapshot opportunities abound around every corner of Mrs J’s Emporium.

Diversion acquired.

Knitted and crocheted creatures
peer at browsing customers

Charlene and Mrs Johnson
on the steps of Mrs Johnson’s Emporium

Mrs J's

Charlene and Mrs Johnson


Mrs J's

George Johnson Ltd

Better get on with some crocheting … …


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