String bag


“Easy” says the book

It might be easy for someone who knows what they’re doing, but latest project proved quite a challenge.  Charlene at Mrs Johnson’s Emporium put me right.

After many unravellings , and much head-scratching, string bag successfully completed.  Don’t look too close!


String bag

Great for shopping, storing onions, eco-friendly, and much prettier than a plastic bag.  There’s a chance the next one might get easier?  We’ll see!

Beanie hats coming along nicely.  Recipient of latest creation confessed to wearing said creation without embarrassment or encountering ridicule as she shopped in Leicester.  I think she needs a matching string bag?!




2 thoughts on “String bag

  1. Recipient very pleased with the incredibly warm hat (but that might just be the love it was created with). And wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a string bag. Have you thought about making tablet/mobile phone covers?


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