Location! Location!

St Annes on the Sea – a magnet for film-makers
St Annes dunes and Blackpool
featured in an episode of Prey

Coronation Street actors
were on set on St Annes beach,
promenade, and Fairhaven Lake

Tim Burton filmed
“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”
in Blackpool
(Samuel L Jackson stayed at The Grand in St Annes
and was seen out and about in local eateries)

The Killers music video “Here with Me”
shows Blackpool at its finest
(A wonderful video) 


Unusual happenings on the beach today.  Better sit a while and check it out.

Some passers-by didn’t notice, others were interested and stopped:
“What’s going on?”
“Must be a hen party?”
“Are they drunk?”

The huddle removed parkas and coats that had been protecting them from a keen sea breeze to reveal brightly coloured outfits and lots of exposed flesh.
“Not got many clothes on – must be from Newcastle,” commented one passer by.

The huddle moved down the beach, one teetering on green high heels – not the best beach footwear – and came to a standstill.  A drone hovered overhead.  Then the music started and a full-on dance routine burst into action.


Let’s Dance


Dancing on St Annes Beach


High Heels get stuck in sand



Chatting to one of the production team, they are in St Annes filming a music short, “Made in the 80s”, and moving on to Blackpool tomorrow.  Might just have to wander up there and check them out!






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