Strong bottom …


… tough handles

Crochet creation completed


String bag – good for the environment.

The project started at Mrs Johnson’s Knit & Knatter Group back in the short days and long evenings of winter.

Summer pops along, the garden makes demands, crocheting sits on the back burner where the beginnings of a string bag lie dormant.

The scorching sun saps my energy.  Pottering in the garden comes to a halt.  Finding a pocket of shade to sit and cool down offers the opportunity to pick up the string bag and crochet hook.  It takes some time to work out where I am in the pattern, and how I got there.  Eventually after a several undoings and head-scratching moments,  things click into place.  With a deft flick of the wrist I’m back in Crochet Zone.

Delighted with my strong bottomed, tough handled string bag.


Made for purpose wine carrier

For some obscure reason I associate crochet with dark nights, curtains drawn, telly and heating full-on.  I’ve had a re-think.  It’s the perfect activity for summer.  Gentle on the body, no sweat involved!


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