Silver Y Moth


Had to rescue this little Silver Y moth snoozing on the stairs before s/he got hoovered up!  (Not the best pic taken through plastic!  The Ys, however, are visible on each wing.)


Silver Y Moth

Couldn’t release Silvery into the lashing rain, so took her to the garden lean-to.  She’s snoozing.  Come dusk she’s free to fly into the night – or back through the window into the house!

How to catch a creature
in a “bug trap”

Equipment: a plastic measuring jug and piece of card.
Aim: to save a creature.
Method: place container over creature.  With care slide card underneath creature and gently persuade creature into container.  Hold card over top of container to keep creature captive.
Result:  Creature safely captured.
Conclusion: Creature released without harm.  Freedom!

Silver Y moth
will be entered
on today’s
big butterfly count


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