“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”


Blackpool’s glitzy mirror ball lost its shine and many of its 47,000 mirror tiles after being pelted by thrashing seas and howling gales over the years. It was removed from Blackpool’s South Promenade in November 2020 for renovation.

It’s on its way back.

Mirror ball being reassembled
A cherry-picking job
The workings of the mirror ball
Man at work

The mirror ball was installed in 2002. It was created by artist Michael Trainor who was inspired by the mirror ball featured in Sydney Pollack’s Oscar-winning 1969 film, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”. It’s reputedly the world’s biggest mirror ball and is one of many other commissioned artworks known as “The Great Promenade Show”. Some of these, sadly, have fallen by the wayside.

But the mirror ball will soon be glittering again, reflecting the sea and sky and all who pass by.

Another piece of the jigsaw

As an aside: I remember south prom back in the day – a bit before Sydney Pollack’s film! We played in sunken gardens, sailed wooden lolly sticks in the boating pool, and quite often spent all day in the magnificent open-air swimming pool. All long gone – demolished for better things.

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