Bringing home the cockles


across the Ribble Estuary from Lytham

Sometimes you can’t see Southport

You could today

The light created interesting hues, shapes, and atmosphere,
offering snapshot opportunities


Ribble Estuary

Cockler returns


Ribble Estuary


Rain’s forecast for tomorrow

will disappear into the murk


Ribble Estuary

Tractor waiting for cockler’s return






Seasonal scenes Lytham & St Annes


Christmas Day 2017

Christmas Day 2017

St Annes Beach

Christmas Day 2017

Black headed gulls don’t care what day it is

Christmas Day 2017

Southport – through St Annes Pier

Boxing Day

Christmas Day 2017

Time for reflection

Those clever, imaginative people
who volunteer
to keep the Ribble Estuary
at Lytham clean and tidy,
create Rudolph
from debris washed up on the shore

Christmas 2017


Nothing to see?


A Lytham day in October


Nothing to see

Across the Ribble estuary


A Blackpool day
in October

Dots of activity on the beach

A Blackpool Day

Peeping from under South Pier

Another Blackpool Day
last day of September

Same vantage point

High Tide


Different day – same vantage point – high tide

Lytham Club Day – fun of the fair


The lure of the fairground
Distorted music
Whirring, spinning,
death defying machinery
Ride attendants
urging everyone
to pay up and get on board
for a stomach churning experience




Blood curdling screams

Happy families
with squealing,
bouncing kiddies,
little faces wrapped in candyfloss,
tongues chasing runny ice cream
as it dribbles down
its once crunchy cornet

Mmmm … the smells
Hot dogs and sizzling onions oozing tomato ketchup;
salt and vinegar chips;
sugary donuts for dunking
in gloopy chocolate sauce
Food of the gods? For some!

If you’re lucky
you might win a goldfish
or a cuddly toy
– at a price


Hook a duck to win Henry


Hello Spongebob!

Lytham Club Day Fun Fair,
back for another year


Keep out or kept in?




Garden delights


Who’s that lurking
In a thick mat of cobwebs?
A handsome specimen
If you like spiders

Garden Delights

Incy Wincy


There’s lots of activity in, out,
and around the bug house

Garden Delights

Another creature to identify

Plants thrive
in the warmth of the sunshine

Cacti and succulents in flower




Ringed plover, Dunlin, Tree sparrow


I admire professional wildlife photographers
Every feather, every whisker pin sharp
My efforts are snapshots
Merely snapping a shot
Hoping it will be recognisable
I’m happy with today’s subjects!

Ribble estuary

Ringed plovers and dunlin


Ribble estuary

Dunlin & interloper



Fairhaven sand dunes

Tree sparrow

The one’s that didn’t materialise – a wheatear, a little brown mottled thing I couldn’t identify, linnets too far away and too fast to capture, and the scratchy tones of, possibly, a whitethroat skulking in the shrubbery that refused to show itself.  Another time maybe?

The other great find was this –  to add to my collection of beach treasures. It didn’t flinch an inch!

Beach treasure

Not wildlife. Just wild!