Bowland tapestry


Forest of Bowland

A walker’s paradise
Wild and wonderful

Langden Brook – velvet-like fells, glistening water

A tapestry of patterns,
rich colours and textures
on a walk along Langden Brook
to Fiendsdale Head





Lichen covered boulder



Window panes


Frosty fencepost



Stunning Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir Resident

Easy 8 mile perimeter walk
(but after all the wet weather
a bit like walking in sticky caramel!)

Stunning scenery around every corner

Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir from Hide 2

Stocks Reservoir

Beauty and sadness in dereliction

Breathtaking binocular moments:

Two hen harriers
(A Hen Harrier is the emblem
for Forest of Bowland AONB)

Two barn owls out hunting

Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir Dam

When full, Stocks Reservoir
covers an area equivalent to 500 football pitches
Annual rainfall is about 5 feet

After treatment the water from Stocks
supplies the Fylde

When back home
and I turn on the tap
for a glass of water
I’ll enjoy it all the more
knowing it’s from
Stocks Reservoir




Breathtaking Bowland

Dunsop Bridge

Beatrix Fell

A circular walk from Dunsop Bridge
Spectacular views, abundant birdlife, wildlife, flora


Unidentified Fungi

Drystone walls, ancient forests
Rivers rushing to the sea

Dunsop Bridge

Morecambe Bay between the hills

Farms, grouse moors
Bustling market towns, pretty villages
Old quarries, limekilns, fascinating history

Forest of Bowland
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

On this glorious walk
I stopped to peep into a derelict barn
and disturbed two barn owls
Silently they flew
between the beams and settled
I took a quick snapshot and left

A breathtaking moment

Dunsop Bridge

Barn Owl


Nothing to see?


A Lytham day in October


Nothing to see

Across the Ribble estuary


A Blackpool day
in October

Dots of activity on the beach

A Blackpool Day

Peeping from under South Pier

Another Blackpool Day
last day of September

Same vantage point

High Tide


Different day – same vantage point – high tide

St Annes Kite Festival


Night flying was a first
at this year’s St Annes Kite Festival

St Annes Kite Festival

Night flying at sun set

St Annes Kite Festival

Flying over St Annes Pier

The town was rammed on Saturday
Great news for the local economy

Only problem … …
the local economy couldn’t cope!

St Annes Kite Festival

No room at the Bin!

St Annes Kite Festival

No room at the Inn!


Rubbish Furniture


A comfortable chair and table
overlooking the Ribble Estuary at Lytham

Not just any old chair and table

This is designer furniture
fashioned from rubbish
washed in with the tide:
wood, a buoy, life-belt, rope,
the remnants of a Public Footpath sign

Ribble Estuary

Table and Chair

A work of art
by artists with a sense of humour

Ribble Estuary

Chair and Table

Ribble Estuary

Friends of the Estuary

Ribble Estuary

View across the Ribble towards Southport

Enjoy a rest and take in the view
courtesy of the Friends of the Estuary