Nothing to see?


A Lytham day in October


Nothing to see

Across the Ribble estuary


A Blackpool day
in October

Dots of activity on the beach

A Blackpool Day

Peeping from under South Pier

Another Blackpool Day
last day of September

Same vantage point

High Tide


Different day – same vantage point – high tide


St Annes Kite Festival


Night flying was a first
at this year’s St Annes Kite Festival

St Annes Kite Festival

Night flying at sun set

St Annes Kite Festival

Flying over St Annes Pier

The town was rammed on Saturday
Great news for the local economy

Only problem … …
the local economy couldn’t cope!

St Annes Kite Festival

No room at the Bin!

St Annes Kite Festival

No room at the Inn!


Rubbish Furniture


A comfortable chair and table
overlooking the Ribble Estuary at Lytham

Not just any old chair and table

This is designer furniture
fashioned from rubbish
washed in with the tide:
wood, a buoy, life-belt, rope,
the remnants of a Public Footpath sign

Ribble Estuary

Table and Chair

A work of art
by artists with a sense of humour

Ribble Estuary

Chair and Table

Ribble Estuary

Friends of the Estuary

Ribble Estuary

View across the Ribble towards Southport

Enjoy a rest and take in the view
courtesy of the Friends of the Estuary

Lytham Club Day – fun of the fair


The lure of the fairground
Distorted music
Whirring, spinning,
death defying machinery
Ride attendants
urging everyone
to pay up and get on board
for a stomach churning experience




Blood curdling screams

Happy families
with squealing,
bouncing kiddies,
little faces wrapped in candyfloss,
tongues chasing runny ice cream
as it dribbles down
its once crunchy cornet

Mmmm … the smells
Hot dogs and sizzling onions oozing tomato ketchup;
salt and vinegar chips;
sugary donuts for dunking
in gloopy chocolate sauce
Food of the gods? For some!

If you’re lucky
you might win a goldfish
or a cuddly toy
– at a price


Hook a duck to win Henry


Hello Spongebob!

Lytham Club Day Fun Fair,
back for another year


Keep out or kept in?




One man went to mow …


… went to mow the meadow


Man at work

A quintessential summer’s day. Birdsong. Buzzards. Butterflies. A startled hare, disturbed by the thrum of the tractor, dashed across the field. That wonderful smell of freshly mown hay.

The farmer didn’t waste any time collecting the results of his labour.


Hay collected

Another meadow full of wild flowers ready for mowing.  A farmer’s work is never done.


Farmer’s next field for mowing



Speckled Wood


Large Skipper

Freckleton to the Naze is the start (or end) of the Lancashire Coastal Way.  It follows the creek leading to the River Ribble where the River Douglas joins.  A lovely spot for a picnic.

On the way back The Ship at Freckleton is perfect for a rewarding beer (and lunch if you’ve not already eaten a picnic) sitting in the garden overlooking the Lancashire plains with Winter Hill in the distance.  Note to self: picnic not required next time.


Avenham Park – Preston


Drizzle didn’t spoil her
quiet contemplation
in the serene grounds
of Preston’s beautiful Avenham Park

Avenham Park

Quiet contemplation

Whatever the weather,
nothing stops
the urgency of collecting food
for a nestful of hungry chicks

Avenham Park

Female blackbird

Fragile daisies
growing out of the cracks in the wall
of the railway bridge

Wildflowers along the River Ribble


Always something uplifting
to see on one’s travels