Polly’s had a makeover …


… and she’s got a new hat
(made from ends of previous hats)



Polly’s makeover and new hat


Polly’s new hat

Then there are other experimental
odds and ends …

a drumstick sock
a plantpot holder

Mrs Johnson’s Emporium
Bond Street, Blackpool South Shore
is the place to go for the
complete haberdashery experience




Hide-hopping at Leighton Moss


Another soggy day in the North West.  Perfect for hide-hopping at Leighton Moss, one of the RSPB’s special places.

Causeway Hide, the first stop to shelter from driving rain.  The mere is full of raucous chatter and activity.  Identifying the vast array of ducks and waders is aided by brilliant pictorial guides of who’s who posted on the inside of each of the seven hides dotted around the reserve.

Leighton Moss

From Causeway Hide

Favourite sightings of the day: watching a male and female bearded tit rummaging around in the bulrushes (see clump above – they’re in there somewhere!); half a dozen snipe with their long beaks, like mini-pneumatic drills, poking into the soft mud; a magnificent marsh harrier flying over the reedbeds on the hunt for unsuspecting prey.

Leighton Moss

Teal – from Eric Morecambe Hide

With a variety of trails and seven hides, there’s every chance of the visitor seeing something awesome at Leighton Moss.

Leighton MOss

Roe Deer

Leighton Moss



Leighton Moss



Leighton Moss


Sightings of the day (13/02/18):

Bearded Tits (M&F)
Snipe (x6)
Marsh Harrier (M)
Roe Deer (x3)
Tree Creepers (5+)
Pintail (+)
Widgeon (+)
Teal (+)
Pochard (+)
Shoveller (+)
Gooseander (M&F)
Bullfinch (M&F)


Polly at work


Polly Styrene has taken to her new modelling career

Polly modelling hat and cowl




Polly modelling hat


But she’s evoked yet another earworm

And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face at first just ghostly
Turned a whiter shade of pale


There’s a lot that goes on at Mrs Johnson’s Emporium
on Bond Street, Blackpool South Shore.
This Cavern of Wonderment is a crafter’s paradise
and den of inspiration and encouragement

Meet Polly


Polly Styrene


She was sitting in British Heart Foundation’s shop window in St Annes, modelling a wig.  I didn’t want the wig.  She wasn’t for sale. After a bit of friendly banter, the kindly shop assistant let me have her.  For £1.50.  A bargain!

I tucked her under my arm and hurried home, with an earworm.

He’s a germ free adolescent
Cleanliness is her obsession
Cleans her teeth ten times a day
Scrub away, scrub away, scrub away
The SR way …

That’s when she became Polly Styrene
with apologies to the late Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex
(Germ Free Adolescence
is listed as one of those albums
you must hear before you die)

Polly Styrene has a future … … …



Completely hooked on crochet
since joining  Mrs Johnson’s Emporium
Knit & Knatter Circle,
with three projects on the go!
(string bag/cowl/drumstick holder)




Drumstick holders – one in progress


Drumstick holder – finished!

A recent visit to The Works in Blackpool
resulted in the purchase of
three crochet books


Crochet Books

Completed projects include
three hats
three string bags
three drumstick holders
not three scarves
not three cowls
















Mrs Johnson’s Emporium – Crochet News


Guess who’s back, back again
Patricia’s back, tell a friend
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back ……

(With apologies to Eminem)

Great to see Patricia back at Mrs Johnson’s Knit & Knatter Group. She’s been busy. She’s been missed.

Another hat (need to grow a few more heads to wear ‘em all). This one has been a beast. It’s been undone twice … so far.

Taking up crochet is helping to develop my previously non-existent patience. It’s beyond belief that one (I) can enjoy unravelling rows and rows of the beginnings of a beautiful and creative masterpiece!

Back to that enormous, super-sized hat. Shall I add a couple of handles and create a bag? That’s admitting defeat.

Patricia to the rescue

Patricia suggested unravelling (for a third time) to a suitable place (not quite the very beginning, but not far off), change hook size, and stop increasing.

Le voila! A perfect sized hat!


x5 embellishments

Might have gone OTT with embellishments – x3 pompoms, x1 tassel, x1 curlicue – but this is today’s favourite must wear beanie.

So glad you’re back Patricia!