Strong bottom …


… tough handles

Crochet creation completed


String bag – good for the environment.

The project started at Mrs Johnson’s Knit & Knatter Group back in the short days and long evenings of winter.

Summer pops along, the garden makes demands, crocheting sits on the back burner where the beginnings of a string bag lie dormant.

The scorching sun saps my energy.  Pottering in the garden comes to a halt.  Finding a pocket of shade to sit and cool down offers the opportunity to pick up the string bag and crochet hook.  It takes some time to work out where I am in the pattern, and how I got there.  Eventually after a several undoings and head-scratching moments,  things click into place.  With a deft flick of the wrist I’m back in Crochet Zone.

Delighted with my strong bottomed, tough handled string bag.


Made for purpose wine carrier

For some obscure reason I associate crochet with dark nights, curtains drawn, telly and heating full-on.  I’ve had a re-think.  It’s the perfect activity for summer.  Gentle on the body, no sweat involved!


Birdie’s Blog – My first bath


I did it!

Been watching the bigger boys and girls
Looks like it might be fun on a hot day

When the coast was clear
I hopped into the frying pan

Not sure what to do at first
so settled for a paddle
and thought about it

Old frying pan is a nice fit

A quick dunk, and a bit of a splash
My first bath


Am I doing it right?

That’ll do for now!

Had a lovely day in the garden
Worms and currants in constant supply
(I can do it all by myself –
but it makes Morphbird happy!)

Anyhow, that’s me all done-in for today
Night! Night!

I’m bushed. Been a long day for a little one.







Birdie’s Blog!


The garden is fraught with danger
for innocent, unsupervised, Birdie

There was Strawberry,
early doors, lying in wait
– so I shooed her off

A sparrowhawk on an aerial flypast
scattered birds into the safety of shrubs

A gull lurks with intent


Herring Gull surveying the scene

Birdie is doing well
on her journey
of discovery
and survival

Ready for a drink after digging around
in the compost bin


All that digging around in the compost bin makes you thirsty

I’ll just sit here awhile
and watch you watching me!


Gorgeous and I know it!

Time to digest all those worms
in my secret hiding place


All that digging around in the compost bin makes you tired

Hey Mr Sparrow –
that’s my frying pan!


Not sure if I want to share!

Birdie hasn’t left the garden all day
Little wonder little else gets done!







Birdie update


An early morning hunt around the garden for Birdie.  She’s not there.  Maybe she’s still in the trees where she spent the night?  Or has Strawberry, a local feline, been on the prowl?  A worrying time.

A while later.  “Chack chack!” – and there she is.  Birdie has survived another long night.  She’s full of chatter and energy, and demands attention.


I like this plant pot

Offered Birdie a bit of raw minced beef.  It looks like a worm, even though it doesn’t wriggle.  No hesitation in wolfing it down.  Which prompted an idea …

Digging into the compost bin there’s a cache of real wrigglers.



I’ve morphed into a giant blackbird and have become an avid worm-hunter.  (Sorry worms – I do like you – but needs must for Birdie’s wellbeing.)

See Birdie wrestle with a wriggler.


I know what to do with these

She’s stuffed.  Time for a siesta.


And I like this plant pot. Please go away, I need a little snooze

Birdie has had a good day showing all the signs of growing up: defending her territory, finding her own food, and she’s found the old frying pan bird bath.  Perched on the edge she enjoyed a drink.  (Only time camera not strapped around my neck.  Grr!)


Found this one all by myself

It’ll soon be her bedtime – and another long night …

Busy bees and baby blackbird


The peace of the garden
interrupted by a continuous buzz …

Watching bees
buzzing about their business
bouncing around
pollen-soaked trampolines
of pretty alpine erigeron



Immersed in pollen-collection


Cushions of pollen

Happy to provide pollination stations


Pollinator Pansy

But what’s going on here?
Not sure if it’s a mating game
or game of death?

Bees together1

Mating bees?

Bees together2

Locked in love or death?

A baby blackbird
waits patiently
for parent intervention
In the meantime
s/he’s happy to devour
chopped up currants
Friend for life?


Over here!


Little ‘uns!


A great time of the year
for observing youngsters

Goslings out and about at Fairhaven Lake


Goslings on the march

A couple of weeks later and growing up


I’m growing up and so gorgeous!

Swan takes its cygnets
for a tour of the lake


Showing off!

In the garden
a young blackbird
tweets for attention


Hey Dad! Over here!


Ok, so I’ll meet you half way

And shows off its airborne ability


I can fly! How clever am I!



Goings-on in the bug house


It’s all action-stations in the bug house


Investigating an empty chamber

This critter
plays a top game of hide and seek
while lying in wait
for a unsuspecting visitor to the chamber
Each time I approach for a closer look
s/he reverses out of sight


Having a look around

A pretty, ruby tailed wasp
lurks beneath the bug house
She’ll enter the chamber
of an absentee owner
and parasitise any larvae


Ruby tailed wasp

A solitary bee
makes itself comfortable
on the second floor of the bug house



A young blackbird
(who is becoming quite tame)
poses for a snapshot



Always something
going on in the garden