Not a snowflake in sight


While the rest of the country is covered in snow, the flat Fylde coast escapes.

It’s a weird sensation walking on frozen, slippery sand.  Jack Frost has sprinkled glitter in the dips and furrows left behind by the sea. Salty puddles are iced over.  It must have been a cold night.


Frozen sand


Frozen ripples

Sunlight creates shadowy patterns, and I think of hot waffles with maple syrup and salted caramel ice cream.


Sand patterns

The mountains of North Wales and the Lake District are snow-capped.  There’s an icing-sugar dusting of snow over the Bowland Fells and across the Ribble towards Winter Hill. Breathtakingly beautiful.

North Wales

Snow-capped Welsh Mountains

And what have we got?  Just a glorious, sunny day and spectacular views.


St Annes Beach Huts



































































































Magic Circles


Where’s Paul Daniels
when you need him?

Didn’t get to grips with magic circles

June, one of Mrs Johnson’s kindly knit and knatterers with the patience of a saint, came to my rescue and demonstrated magic circles.  Umpteen times.  I nodded knowingly, quietly hoping that, once home and with a glass of wine to hand, I’d remember how to start a magic circle.

June and Mrs Johnson’s right-hand woman, Charlene, deciphered a beanie hat pattern for me.

First, I hadn’t a clue how to interpret the instructions.  Second, why is everything classed as “easy”?  And third, who decides what’s easy?

Two hours later and I’ve got the gist of it – sort of.

Lovely creations by Mrs Johnson
and her merry band
of experienced knit and knatterers


I’m home now,
ready and prepared for the beanie hat project
and the magic circle

It’s all so easy!

But I need a glass of wine to start me off … … …


Stunning Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir Resident

Easy 8 mile perimeter walk
(but after all the wet weather
a bit like walking in sticky caramel!)

Stunning scenery around every corner

Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir from Hide 2

Stocks Reservoir

Beauty and sadness in dereliction

Breathtaking binocular moments:

Two hen harriers
(A Hen Harrier is the emblem
for Forest of Bowland AONB)

Two barn owls out hunting

Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir Dam

When full, Stocks Reservoir
covers an area equivalent to 500 football pitches
Annual rainfall is about 5 feet

After treatment the water from Stocks
supplies the Fylde

When back home
and I turn on the tap
for a glass of water
I’ll enjoy it all the more
knowing it’s from
Stocks Reservoir




Breathtaking Bowland

Dunsop Bridge

Beatrix Fell

A circular walk from Dunsop Bridge
Spectacular views, abundant birdlife, wildlife, flora


Unidentified Fungi

Drystone walls, ancient forests
Rivers rushing to the sea

Dunsop Bridge

Morecambe Bay between the hills

Farms, grouse moors
Bustling market towns, pretty villages
Old quarries, limekilns, fascinating history

Forest of Bowland
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

On this glorious walk
I stopped to peep into a derelict barn
and disturbed two barn owls
Silently they flew
between the beams and settled
I took a quick snapshot and left

A breathtaking moment

Dunsop Bridge

Barn Owl


Autumn Light


Let there be light









Setting sun

The sight and sound
of hundreds of geese
flying to and fro
across the Ribble estuary
is awesome

This gaggle hasn’t quite got
its formation act together